viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Each day is a discovery.

While others find their life like a routine, I still believe I am learning each day. I know it is hard to live with a positive attitude but we have to try and never underestimate what we do.
Even Directors from the best companies have done that mistakes, I dont think its because they feel superior but a seriously a lack of confidence in them - as one prof once told me, be proud of what you are doing and think big.

Ambition is what it counts nowadays, in a globalized and very competitive world that we live. Let me share with you an speech given by Steve Ellis about how to be a leader.
It is not really about leadership, but being positve and how we can help enterprises and organizations to be more active and outspoken without being arrogant.
Video from Berkeley University: Steve Ellis
Take a look at this and see you soon with more news about positive people :D

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Another day passed by...

Reality through eyes of a consultant - 
I decided to take this job as a way of learning about industry and about family business. I guess I need to be more agressive to show the project to sponsors but something inside me is giving me pain. 
I am afraid they will take me away from this and say that I am not worth it, i should have said everything since the beginning but I could not and things have not been quite well specially with that program. 

wait, i said a program? a compute program? why did you propose that mariana?, now I feel like i should have studied engineering instead of business. If i should have studied that, i would have the system already or maybe not; even the professeur told me its a very ambitious and demanding task even though sponsors think it is just as easy. 
I want to show them but now i am looking at anything to have a perfect presentation, i cannot even schedule a time. 

My decision was this and I have to proceed but quickly, the world moves fast and i just want to act exactly like Shahid Kapoor in one of his movies: Badmassh company. lol :D

At the end is late now and have to go but talk later through here. 
I have to wake up early and be smart SMART SMART SMART !!!